Tuesday, March 2, 2010


4 Kids

Today is one of those special days that rarely comes along on the calendar. March 3, 2010, or 3-2-1-0 is today's date. It is like a countdown day. When I was young, there were many rocket launches happening as America worked at sending people to the moon. I can remember counting down with the guy on TV as different rockets prepared to launch.

Then, my friends and I built model rockets. It was a huge thrill to countdown and watch something we had created fly into the sky at lightning fast speeds. The smoke trail behind each rocket shot up so high that it disappeared. Then we would watch carefully trying to track the rocket as it fell back to earth. Sometimes it would fall onto a roof or into a neighbor's yard or tree. But, it was always FUN!

Maybe you have counted down as you waited for the New Year or for a favorite show to begin on TV. I know you have counted down as the days passed leading up to Christmas, Easter, or even your birthday.

The Bible tells of a countdown that is happening right now. All of time is counting down until one day the trumpet of the Lord will sound and Jesus will return. It will be awesome to watch what happens when that countdown is complete. You can be ready for that special day by trusting Jesus with your life, living for Him, and serving those around you.

That's all for now. Today has been a special day. But, then, every day is a special day when you are living for God. There doesn't even have to be a rocket launch.

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