Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Party in the Yard

4 Kids

This year, some friends, (pictured here), helped us to turn Halloween night into a party in our yard.  we gave out grilled hot dogs, bottled water, hot chocolate, and bags of candy.  Around 150 kids came to our yard and enjoyed food, puppets, and the love of Jesus.

It is important for each of us to be a shining light in this darkened world.  You may not be able to have a party in your yard, but you can share God's love with friends.  One girl I knew invited friends to spend the night.  She would play Christian videos and music and talk with her friends about Jesus.  My daughter, Rachel gave a friend a Christian video as a birthday gift.  It wasn't long after the party, that Rachel and her friend, both eight-years-old, prayed together.

Look for ways this November to share God's love with relatives and friends.

Sharing God's love with puppets.

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